All About The Grills And What Does It Mean

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Which Grill is right for me? How does indirect grilling? What is a Smoker? Everything you need to know about barbecuing can be found in the large barbecue guide. 

Juicy grilled beef steak, crunchy sausages, and an irresistible scent: when the sun laughs from the sky in summer, there is nothing better for most people than to grill. Quickly a few friends or family gathered and off we go. 

Where does the name barbecue and Barbecue (BBQ) come from? 

The word grill origin from the Latin reticulum, which means” Wattle “or” small rust”.

Grilling over an open fire is a very original method of cooking food. Also the Indians in the Caribbean, grilled meat with wooden scaffolding over an open fire or in a hole in the ground. They called the whole thing buccan, which in the Spanish-Mexican language eventually became barbacoa and later the English Barbecue (short: BBQ). The Barbecue was first mentioned in 1526 – and still tastes at least as good today as it did then. 

Grilling and Barbecue: What is the difference?

Although barbecues and barbecues are often used synonymously nowadays, both methods differ considerably: 

During the Barbecue, the meat is cooked indirectly through hot smoke at temperatures between 100 and 130 degrees. Large pieces of meat such as whole pigs can be cooked for up to 24 hours. 

During grilling, the grilled food is cooked directly above the heat source while its surface is roasted. This results in temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees. Woodfire and its embers, Gas, and stones heated by Gas or electrically operated heating loops serve as sources of heat. 

Crickets: These are the things you need for grilling

With this overview list, nothing should stand in the way of your barbecue evening:

The most important accessory when grilling is undoubtedly the Grill. If you do not yet own a Grill or are dissatisfied with your previous one, you are spoilt for choice when buying a new one: which Grill is the right one for me?

The main differences: Grills differ mainly in the way they generate heat for grilling: charcoal or briquettes, Gas or electricity. Among them, there are numerous Subforms and special Grills for various occasions. Another important distinguishing feature: grills with lids and open Grills.

To give you an overview of which Grills are available at all, we have compiled a list of the most important types of grills for you:

1. Differences according to a heat source

Charcoal grill

Gas grill

Electric grill

2. Grill Subforms

Ball grill

Lava stone grill


Fireplace grill

Pillar grill

Swing grill

3. Special Grills

Camping Grill


Disposable grill

Table grill

smokeless grill

BBQ barrel

Roast suckling pig

Sausages, Steak, vegetables: everything becomes more delicious when you grill it.

The most popular and “original” way of grilling is undoubtedly charcoal grilling. However, a charcoal grill needs a lot of lead time, because charcoal must first glow properly to produce enough heat for grilling. To do this, you need to plan enough time in advance before you can enjoy your barbecue treats-about 30 to 40 minutes. Once ready for use, the charcoal grill convinces with its unbeatable atmosphere, which offers open fire, as well as an intense barbecue aroma.

Electric grill: barbecue with electricity

If you like it faster, you should buy an electric grill: simply plug into the socket and in a few minutes the Grill is ready to start. In addition to saving time, the electric grill also has another great advantage: in contrast to the charcoal grill, it hardly develops smoke when frying. Thus, it is perfect for the balcony, since you do not disturb your neighbors with an unpleasant stench. 

Since it occupies little space, it is also suitable for use in the house. If you like, you can also grill a juicy Steak with an electric grill in rainy weather and in Winter. However, the electric grill has a big disadvantage: a real barbecue atmosphere, as with the charcoal grill, comes up here rather rarely.

Good steak

Gas grill: grilling with Gas

Just as fast, little smoke, but even more flexible than the electric grill is the gas grill. This works like a gas stove: you press the button, the flame starts and you can immediately start grilling. As with the electric grill, the temperature can be easily and uncomplicatedly regulated. Sophisticated devices convince with technical sophistication. The typical grill aroma can not conjure Gas.

Interesting Grill Facts

The travel portal, travel circus has found out some exciting facts on the topic of grilling :

85 percent of people still prefer the charcoal grill despite the latest barbecue technology

The most popular grilled vegetable is the peppers, followed by the potato at Number 2

In contrast to older generations, the Grill youth of today puts much more often grilled cheese and ready-marinated meat on the grate

Food: What are we grilling?

The Grill is worried and ready for use. But what comes now on the Grill? You can grill just about anything you usually prepare in the pan at home. Among the BBQ classics, meat, Sausage, and meat skewers, but also vegetarians, such as vegetables or Feta.

In the USA Barbecue has always been popular, now also the latest Grill Trend spills to Germany: burger grilling. Of course, not the whole Burger is grilled, but only the Patty – so the “meat planter” from minced meat

Barbecuing fish is less popular – but the sea creatures are becoming more and more popular with true barbecue Fans. Especially those who pay attention to his slimline is well advised with fish, after all, he is considered healthy and most species convince with few calories. These include, for example, shrimp. But Trout and salmon also like to be grilled.

Properly grill and light Grill: how to grill steak, fish, and co.

To grill properly you need to pay attention to some:

1. Light the Grill

When it comes to electric and gas barbecues, lighting the Grill is relatively simple: plug into the socket or gas bottle, turn it on and after a short preheating time, you’re ready to go.

When the charcoal grill you need to bring the charcoal to glow so that you have enough heat for grilling. For this you need to Grill, fire up r, there is to buy in solid or liquid form. Spread it evenly in the charcoal and light it with a match or lighter. Then add a hairdryer or a piece of cardboard to the air – so the charcoal glows through faster.

Attention: you should not use alcohol or gasoline to light the Grill, because again and again there are accidents with the most serious burns. According to the IFS, 4000 barbecue accidents are reported annually – 500 of them with serious injuries.

Who grills a lot and does not want to waste time, the Grill experts recommend a hot air dryer. With a strong temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, this causes the cold coal to glow in just a few minutes. A small hand burner with a gas cartridge also serves well here. For this, it is best to light some briquettes first and then gradually add the charcoal. 

2. Grill grease it with the correct Oil

Grease the grill grate with a heat-stable Oil, so your lovingly prepared food does not stick. Simply soak a piece of paper in oil and wipe it over the grate. For grilling, it is recommended to use sunflower oil or rapeseed oil. 

If you do not have oil at hand, a potato provides the same effect – and is not flammable and therefore harmless. Simply heat the Grill, halve a potato, prick the interfaces with a fork and rub in the warm grill grate. The heat removes the starch from the tuber and thus ensures a natural non-stick coating. 

3. Food to be grilled at the right temperature grill

4. The correct BBQ accessories to use

If you want to grill a juicy Steak, you must observe the right temperature. Always apply your barbecue equipment with barbecue tongs. A meat fork or normal fork destroyed the structure of the meat. In addition, the meat juice exits through the holes and makes the grilled meat dry. But also with tongs, you should not turn the meat too often. Usually, enough three times, so that the meat is through and still remains nice juicy. For whole fish there are a fish tongs, in which the fish is clamped – so it can not disintegrate when turning. Fish fillets without skin are best grilled in a barbecue dish, as are vegetables. These absorb part of the heat, leaving fish and vegetables particularly tender. In addition, small pieces of vegetables do not fall into the Grill.

Grilling methods: direct vs. indirect grilling

Most people especially know the direct Grill method. The grilled food lies on the grill grate, directly above the embers, which is why it is exposed to intense heat. With meat, this creates a beautiful crust and the typical, delicious barbecue flavor that we all love so much. In addition, just small pieces of meat are quickly cooked. The disadvantage: fat and Marinade drop into the embers during direct grilling. On the one hand, this produces more smoke, and on the other hand, according to researchers, harmful substances such as the carcinogenic Benzypre or PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are produced. These substances are then deposited on the grill. 

In indirect grilling, the charcoal is arranged in such a way that the grilled material lies laterally offset to the embers – not directly above. This is done by grilling with reduced heat. This barbecue method is especially suitable for large pieces of meat, ribs or whole chicken because the meat is completely cooked through, without burning. For indirect grilling, however, you definitely need a Grill with lid, such as a ball grill. Through the lid, the heat radiates from the sidewalls and the meat is gently cooked.

Indirect grilling is healthier than direct grilling, as no fat drips into the embers. In addition, grilled food has to be turned much less often. Another, delicious advantage: the taste of the charcoal is transferred even more strongly to the meat during indirect grilling.

Where to grill? The best places for barbecue fun

Where your grill depends primarily on where and how you live. But also the landlord and the municipality has a say. Therefore, you should pay close attention to where grilling is allowed and where not.

Where is barbecuing allowed – and where is barbecuing prohibited?

Terrace or garden: On warm summer evenings, nothing beats a cozy Barbecue on the terrace or in the garden: in the Evening the stars are shining on you and you don’t have to walk far if you need a sweater or a cool beer from the fridge. If you are a homeowner, you are basically allowed to grill when and how often you want. Your neighbor should not be incensed. Each federal state decides for itself what can and cannot be expected of its neighbor.

The same applies to house tenants – as long as the landlord basically allows grilling. By the way, special regulations apply to the garden: here you may occasionally grill even if it is prohibited according to house rules, as the garden is not directly connected to the House.

Balcony: if you live in an apartment on the upper floors, the balcony is a Prime spot for grilling, provided the balcony is large enough and your landlord or the house rules allow it. Again, you do not have far to enjoy all the amenities of your apartment. However, due to the spatial proximity here, you must pay special attention to your neighbors. After all, nobody wants to spend their evening in a cloud of smoke. Tip: If you like to grill on the balcony, but want to avoid trouble with the neighbors, you should get an electric grill.

Public places: if you have neither a garden nor a balcony, you do not have to do without a barbecue. Barbecues may also be held in public places if this place is expressly designated as a barbecue zone. Those who do not comply must expect a fine. Parks, lake or river banks offer especially big cities a real, romantic nature experience. However, so much naturalness has its price. When you grill in the countryside, you have to plan especially well in advance: everything you forget at home, you do not have ready for grilling. This can get annoying, especially if your favorite sausages are still in the fridge or you have to find your way back late at night without a flashlight.

Barbecuing in the wild – not allowed anywhere. A clear information map with all designated Grill zones in Munich can be found here.

Barbecues are popular all over the world. In South American cuisine, barbecuing is at the top of the menu. So the term” Asado ” in Argentina is the magic word for barbecue lovers. “Asado” is a kind of barbecue that is also celebrated in the small circle of the family. The meat selection for the Argentine barbecue consists mainly of beef, but lamb, goat or chicken are also welcome.

Barbecue-the most popular type of barbecue in North America and Australia.

In North America, Barbecue reigns supreme: Spare Ribs, Pulled Pork and grilled burgers are part of every barbecue party. The traditional American Barbecue takes place directly on wood or coal. In the more modern version, it also makes a conventional gas grill. Another popular barbecue method is indirect cooking in a Smoker. The meat is made ready for consumption here in the hot smoke.

International grill guide and recipes: Australia

In Australia, the Barbecue is called “Barbie” and especially popular on the Grill are sea creatures: Red Snapper, crabs, shrimp oysters, lobster and much more. In addition, meat is also popular: in addition to the classic beef, sheep meat is often grilled in “Down Under”. Everything is marinated and flavored with herbs. Exotic fruits such as Papayas, Kiwis or Mangos also end up on the Grill.

International grill guide and recipes: Asia

The Asian barbecue culture is now completely different from all the others: barbecuing is usually not a big Event, it belongs rather to an everyday event. Barbecue is served at small stations in the streets. In Japan, the Hibachi has also created: a kind of charcoal-powered table grill.

International grill guide and recipes: Africa

According to tradition, there were the first grilled dishes in South Africa. At that time, meat was cooked in fire and the barbecue was born with it. “Braai” is the name of the South African barbecue tradition – a social Highlight, indispensable at large festivals. But also in the north of Africa, in Egypt, barbecuing is part of it: here, beef, lamb, poultry, fish and seafood are preferably grilled.

International grill guide and recipes: southern Europe

In southern Europe, too, you are familiar with the art of barbecuing: the Greeks love to grill beef, goat, and lamb; in Italy, in addition to meat, Pizza sometimes ends up on the Grill. In Spain, on the other hand, the traditional grill plate is the Focus, called “La Plancha”.