Grilled vegetables on a barbecue basket

grill basket

Delicious grilled vegetables instead of skewers simply enjoy the vegetable barbecue basket. Goes faster than sticking skewers first:

Ingredients for the grilled vegetables
Here you can vary, depending on your taste. However, onions, peppers (red, green, yellow), cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves and Zucchini are well suited. Champions and co.
For the Marinade: depending on the quantity, a few tablespoons of olive oil, salt, pepper, Italian herbs, chili flakes.

Grill Vegetables Preparation
Mix the ingredients for the marinade. Clean the vegetables and chop them into bite-sized pieces. Place the vegetables in the marinade and leave to infuse for several hours. The best way to prepare the whole thing is in an aluminum bowl, then the vegetables can go straight to the grill.

Advantages Vegetable Barbecue Basket
Use a grill basket for veggies and enjoy this unbelievable taste. The grilled vegetables taste very delicious but also from a special vegetable cooking basket or barbecue basket. These are fireproof forms for the grill with holes, also known as grill pans or vegetable grill bowls. Advantage: the whole thing becomes crisper and has more roasted aroma than from the aluminum shell. However, you should not pack the basket too full and sometimes return the lowest to colonel
The advantage over skewers: the whole vegetable comes into the grill basket. Everyone can then pick out what he particularly likes. The skewering of vegetable skewers is also eliminated.
Instead of a special vegetable barbecue basket, of course, it also does barbecue bowls. But more fits in a bbq basket.

Use grill baskets correctly
Do not pack too full and oil the grilling basket beforehand. This prevents the vegetable from sticking to the braid.

In addition to barbecue grill baskets for vegetables, there are also special grill baskets for fish, and even sausages. A fish basket also can be used for grilling but also for large-sized vegetables. If you don’t have a fish to put in the basket.